What we Value

Authentically Ethiopian

With many look-alikes in the budding market, Meleya makes it a priority to preserve the very traditional elements and quality of Ethiopian fabrics. Real is pure genius.

Leave our signature on Ethiopian interior design

The need is there, and we aim to be the one to lead into the future of quality cultural explosion while leaving our signature on Ethiopian interior design.

Taking care of our skilled hands

Our employees earn about 150% more than What’s accepted as the textile industry average in Ethiopia. We believe in rewarding talent and put our checkbook right where our mouth is!

Big or small, we cater to all

Flexibility of service delivery ranging from the individual home owner to large property developers and hoteliers.

Quality over quantity

No shortcuts to a job well done. It’s of utmost importance that each and every merchandize leaving our doors takes with it the value we put on quality.

meet Kalkidan

She takes pride in the richness of her culture. Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in a family where she was encouraged to follow her artistic tendencies.

Her eye and talent for design took her from being a little girl who stood on chairs insisting on using cut-up old sheets as curtains all the way to university where she graduated with a Bachelors in Architecture and Urban Planning. Following her affinity for detailed art, her experience in the interior design business struck a chord with her passion for Ethiopian Culture.

She noticed that either cultural authenticity or design discipline were expected to be compromised upon. Her frustration grew with clothing fabrics being misused in interior design.

That’s how Balemuya Interior design and Homeware Manufacturing PLC and its brand child Meleya were born!

Meleya sets out to solve the problem Kalkidan faced as a cultural creative by ensuring artistic freedom to design a space without limitations and fear of finding quality product in accessories.

In addition to that, the versatility of cotton and the wide range of utilization it has in Ethiopian traditional fabrics are celebrated at Meleya.

Bringing contemporary touch while preserving traditional gems is Meleya’s mission and Kalkidan’s happy place.